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What is Venetian Plaster?

Venetian plaster (also known as marble plaster, Italian plaster or polished plaster), originates from the Italian city of Venice where it has been used for centuries. Today it’s mainly used to compliment the interior design of a building.

It can be used for traditional yet contemporary designs or even in listed buildings for restoration and is popular for its striking luxurious look and almost limitless combinations of finishes & colours.

Venetian Plastering is made up of lime putty & marble dust. This can create a highly polished finish to walls & ceilings which can offer a stunning marble effect. As a result it is extremely versatile and suitable for use in almost any setting.

The diversity that Venetian plaster provides is almost endless, it can also be used to create a heavy textured look offering a stony, rock type finish in almost any colour to suit all interior spaces. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements & arrange a FREE bespoke sample.

What We Do

Surface Design

Surface design is a very important part of each project we undertake. We work closely with our clients to make sure we get the right design and style of finish to suit their interior space.

Sometimes clients will come to us requesting a specific look and style which enables us to start creating their bespoke surface straight away. However often people come to us unsure of what finish they want this is when our free sample service, portfolio and brochures from Italy’s leading manufactures can really help people to not only see but also touch these beautiful finishes and see what can be achieved.

Ultra finishes offer one on one meetings at a location of your choice to talk about your bespoke design. Get in contact today and join the venetian plaster revolution!

Commercial Work


We can incorporate company logos and designs either embedded or embossed onto our plasters, this works well for commercial businesses, this can make for a stunning visual behind a reception desk or a main feature wall in your office or premises making a real statement to your clients on arrival. The possibilities are endless the only limit is your imagination.

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